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High Quality Animation 
Motion Capture Planning & Clean Up
3D Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, & Skinning 
Character Concept & Control Design 
Team Lead & Project Management
Video Editing



3D Studio MAX 
Motion Builder 
Animation Master 
After Effects 
Test Track Pro 




The Odd Gentlemen

- Animator on King's Quest chapters 3, 4, 5, and Epilogue.
- Game play and cinematic animation in each chapter.
- Cut scene composition from layout through final production to implementation in Unreal.
- Design feedback and integration for chapter unique game play elements.


Contract Animator

May 2016
- Cinematic animator for Skylanders: Imaginators.
- Clean up and final animation on two character specific "moment of mastery" cinematics.
- Craft and polish short segments of intro cimenatics for two Skylanders stages.


Senior Animator

2012 - 2015
- First Senior Animator brought on to TOME: Immortal Arena
- Responsible for complete or partial animation of 20+ Guardians. Twice.
- Worked closely with tech art and design to create and implement unique and interesting move sets for each guardian, gradually growing the engine with each iteration.
- Pushed through asset organization structures to simplify work flow and allow more “life” for character randomization in engine.
- Cleaned up character skinning to better fit extreme poses.
- Organized and maintained multiple off hour team building events.

Artist and Designer
Sunstone Games

2011 - 2012
- Joined team at company inception to help focus the direction of the company and scope out initial titles.
- Helped design and prototype Sunstones puzzle game.
- Provided artwork for 100+ puzzles as well as some stage, background, and UI elements.

Artist and Designer
Squishy Pixels Games

- Concept and character art work for upcoming title.
- Illustrations, concept art, and design work for undisclosed project.
- Art clean up and design feedback on Onaji puzzle game.

3D Animator, Artist, Art Team Lead, and Designer
Pipeworks Software Inc
260 E. 11th Suite 3D
Eugene, OR
- Managed character art and animation team overseeing the creation, implementation, and consistency of all in game characters and and animated objects for Godzilla: Unleashed and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.
- Animated and iterated 90% of the primary character animation from design and prototype through post production phases of Night at the Museum.
- Integrated motion capture and key frame animation of four complete playable characters in Deadliest Warrior: The Video Game in a 12 week time frame while learning a new software package.
- Worked closely with Design Lead to design, produce, and balance twenty six playable monsters for Godzilla: Unleashed.
- Designed and rigged skeletons for 20 of those Godzilla: Unleashed monsters.
- Personally animated four monsters and worked carefully with publisher and licenser guidelines on multiple versions of titular Godzilla characters.
- Mission design and implementation for GeoStorm, military simulation project.
- Served as Level Designer and Artist for both Prince of Persia: Revelations and Prince of Persia: Rival Swords on the PSP.
- Prototype and additional monster animation provided for Rampage: Total Destruction.
- Feedback, assistance, and/or sole responsibility for creating over a dozen widely varied game design documents for previously released, currently unannounced and prototype projects.

3D Animator, Artist, and Lead
Moral Productions, Inc.

2018 156th Avenue NE 
Bellevue, WA (no longer active)
- Produced more than seven minutes of pre-rendered animation for the original video release of Agents of the Spirit.
- Designed skeletal structure for and rigged unorthodox characters including unusual insects and an antrhopomorphic bunch of grapes.
- Provided additional character design, illustration, and story boards for reworked scenes, future episodes, and web site.
- Covered a little bit of every task from concept art to final rendering of video production.


2000 - 2002 AAA 3D Computer Graphics & Animation 
DigiPen Institute of Technology 
Redmond, WA 
1997 - 2000  Computer Science Experience 
University of Arizona, and Cochise College 
Sierra Vista, AZ 

References available upon request. Please e-mail me with any questions, comments, or requests of further work.